March Ipsy Bag Review

I've seen a lot of posts about this elusive monthly makeup bag. Basically you pay $10 for a bag and 5 sample products. I decided in February to sign up and I have to say I'm very satisfied. Received my first ipsy bag mid March and have been experimenting with the products. I also did a review and posted it on A Slimmer Life's blog page. I hope this helps those who are still conflicted with the decision of joining the monthly ipsy glam squad!

Comfort Food

I don’t know about you but on cold days there’s nothing better than filling your tummy with some warm deliciousness. One of my favorite dishes is my Grandmother’s Homemade Chicken Soup. That’s for another day. This month it got pretty cold in Downtown LA. Being a Miami native I was freezing my tushy off! I didn’t have much in the fridge or the pantry so not much to work with. Then I saw I had a can of beans and some ground turkey and thought, “Mmm…I want chili. Let’s do this!” Lucky for me I bought one of those rotating spice racks when I first moved here and was going to put that bad boy to good use. I didn’t have a good recipe onhand so I took to the internet like most of us do for some recipe hunting! I came across one that was just too complicated but I grabbed it anyway and simplified it. Who has time to wait 3 hours for a crockpot recipe?? Certainly not I! Mima is hungry right now and a hungry man to feed. I hopped in my tiny studio kitchen, ten steps from my “office”, and star…